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Now booking for 2012 & 2013! If you are interested in sponsoring Astryd Farah to perform or instruct a workshop in your area, please contact her by email or telephone. Visit this page to see past workshops she’s taught in various countries.

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Jakarta, INDONESIA. Mobile: +62 811 9894075

Astryd Farah

Current Workshop Topics & Verbiage

  • Pure Egyptian Dance from Cairo
    Steps and feelings of a time now past, we revisit the old nightclubs with music and movement of authentic Egypt. Tarab, baladi and shaabi…techniques, transitions, gestures. Notes included, music available for sale.

  • Hot off the Press! The best from Cairo...
    Current movement from the stars of the Egyptian stage, as well as from the choreographers behind the scenes -- today and min zaman (from the past). Astryd presents modern and classic Egyptian Oriental dance technique in her poignant style, easily absorbed and thoroughly broken down. Notes included.

  • Classic & Modern Choreography: Fadl Shaker
    A luscious Old Cairo nightclub-style choreography with a lovely song by one of Egypt’s most heartfelt modern singers. Authentic technique and feelings create the mood for this piece. Notes and lyric translation included. Music available for sale.

  • Shimmies, Layers and Combinations for Raqs Sharqi - "Get Your Shimmy On!"
    Define and refine your Egyptian shimmy style. Add layers and understand how and where to use them in modern Raqs Sharqi. We will use combinations to illustrate the techniques and transitions within the dance. Notes included.

  • Balady-Saidi Pop Choreography (without cane)
    A fun and upbeat song, this original choreography reflects authentic Egypt in gestures, lyrics, steps and feelings. Powerful movement and precise technique combined with a sweet and happy style form this engaging Egyptian dance. Full choreography notes and lyric translation provided, music available.

  • Tabla Solo
    A fabulous tabla solo choreography using many of Astryd Farah's hottest shimmy layers and steamy moves from Cairo. Notes included.

  • Hot Egyptian POP Choreography
    Utilizing steps direct from Cairo, Astryd presents an original choreography to a fun pop song from Cairo's Arabic hit radio. She combines graceful moves and steps with saucy gestures to highlight the meaning of the song.

  • Fundamentals of Egyptian Dance Technique The base from which the dance builds. Imperative movement for all dancers and teachers.

  • Musical Analysis and Interpretation in Egyptian Dance Focus on analyzing and digesting Egyptian music for dance. How to listen for changes and hear the layers and patterns within the music, preparing the body to illustrate sounds, rhythms, vocals, and feelings.

  • Combinations, Drills and Oriental technique including shimmies and layers kitir!
    Hot combos and technique work using Cairo's top pop! Get into the Cairo groove with fun combos, gestures and the "why to" of modern Oriental technique.

  • Saidi Dance/Raks al Assaya
    Astryd Farah presents technique and choreography based on her most recent folkloric studies in Cairo with the stellar Reda Troupe choreographer, Shalaby. Fun, sassy and sweet. Please bring your cane or stick, or Astryd will provide one to lend during the workshop. A traditional dance of Egypt, originally executed by the men, we will explore techniques and combinations as well as become more familiar with the music and style.

Workshop Specialties
Astryd Farah deMichele is available nationally and internationally to teach and perform with emphasis on several different aspects of Oriental Dance and dances related to Oriental. Below is a general list of her specialties:

  • Raqs Sharqi (classic technique, combinations or choreography)
  • Modern Egyptian Pop (technique and/or choreography)
  • Shimmies, Layering & Advanced Hipwork Techniques
  • Drum Solo (technique,choreography and/or the how-to of drum solos)
  • Musical Analysis & Interpretation in Egyptian Dance
  • Egyptian Folkloric Dance Combinations/Techniques
  • Raqs Assaya (Egyptian folkloric cane/stick dancing)
  • Melaya Leff (Egyptian folkloric from Alexandria)
  • Zills, Drums and Feelin' the Rhythms
  • Odd Time Signatures in Arabic Music & How to Dance to Them
  • Putting Your Show Together (when, how, where and why)
  • Fundamentals of Oriental Dance (beginning, intermediate and advanced)
  • Veilwork in Oriental Dance

Quotes & Testimonials

  • "Astryd Farah embodies the intensity and passion of the Great Egyptian Art."
    ~ Karim Nagi, TurboTabla

  • "A real surprise was the drop dead gorgeous Astryd Farah of Cairo, Egypt and Eugene, Oregon. This reviewer has admired her performances on Raqia Hassan’s videos, and to meet her in person was a real treat. Astryd spends 6 mos. of the year in Egypt, and the remainder of the time in Oregon. She is flat out excellent! She embodies the kitsch and the stellar technique of Egyptian dancers all rolled into one. Beautifully costumed, she endeared herself to the audience with her cheeky moves that were oh so very Egyptian and not seen very often in American dancers who try to emulate that styling. Her years of performing in Egypt in club and private party settings are more than obvious. Let’s hope she returns to Atlanta to give us a seminar, soon!"
    ~ Diane Adams, Company Mezza, Atlanta, GA

  • “Astryd Farah deMichele's choreography and delivery is hot off the Egyptian press, imbued with the very heartbeat of the culture, flawless timing and musical interpretation. She FEELS the music. While Astryd Farah’s workshops are strongly based in technique and great attention to detail, her personality is warm and easy, generous. She is a ‘don't miss’ experience!"
    ~ Myra Krien, Performer, Choreographer/Director Pomegranate Studios, Santa Fe, NM

  • "Astryd Farah is a spellbinding dancer with impeccable Egyptian style. Her presence on stage slows time down and brings all attention to the present moment."
    ~ Helene Eriksen, dancer & dance ethnologist

  • Article reviewing one of Astryd Farah's San Francisco workshops, by Betsey Flood:

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Jakarta, INDONESIA. Mobile: +62 811 9894075

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